Unique Manicure in San Antonio, TXManicure in San Antonio, TX

San Antonio Spa and Salon

Manicure with Gel or Shellac polish $35

(Gel Polish without Manicure: $20)

Ideal for natural nails. Lasts for about 2 weeks. It strengthens nails while keeping them looking healthy as well as providing an invisible layer to protect your nails and provides long-lasting color. The finish is so flawless that you won't even know it's there.

Classic Spa Manicure (20-25 min) $18

Nail & cuticles are soaked, shaped and cleansed. Followed by massage & polish.

Hot oil Manicure (20-25 min) $25

Nail & cuticles are soaked in oil & lotion instead of water to enhance moisture.

Signature Manicure (25-30 min) $30

Classic Spa Manicure combined with a skin renewing exfoliation & paraffin treatment.

Pomegranate & Fig Sea Salts Manicure (30-35 min) $35

Consists of fig sea salts and revitalizing therapeutic cream mask to relax muscle tension. Let the aroma of the exotic fruit fill your senses as we use our healing botanical massage cream to soften your skin and add deep moisture. Paraffin treatment included

Jasmine Green Tea Therapy Manicure (30-35 min) $35

Your hands will be bathed in an anti-oxidant green tea solution while nails and cuticles are cleansed, trimmed, and shaped. Hands are then treated to exfoliation of dead skin cells using sea salt glow scrub with a luxurious massage. A layer of sea butter will then be applied to your hands. When your hands emerge, they will be extra soft and young looking. Paraffin treatment is included.

Milk and Honey Manicure (30-35 min) $35

This treatment begins with soaking and moisturizing in organic milk. Honey is wonderful in protecting and rejuvenating with its antioxidant properties which act as skin rejuvenates, while its hydrogen peroxide properties aid in cleansing. Your hands will receive an enriched vanilla sea scrub followed by a nourishing honey milk mask wrapped in steam towels , plus paraffin treatment. Finally, you will receive a deep moisturizing massage enhanced with honey lotion followed with a nail polish color of your choice.

Raw Earth Manicure (30-35 min) $35

Be unified with earth as your hands are cleansed with grains of salt carved by the seasons change and rich organic raw materials. Hands receive further detoxification with a gentle and earthy mud mask then restored with the oats and vitamin hydrating lotion, plus paraffin treatment. You will refreshed naturally and soothingly.

Bliss Chocolate Manicure (30-35 min) $35

Combines classic manicure with a sweet twist. Our dedicate Coco rejuvenates with the antioxidants vitamin A and E to gently remove aging surface cells. Chocolate sugar scrub, a minty chocolate mask with hot towels, and finished with a chocolate lotion that will make you feel like a kid again. Paraffin treatment is included.

Lavender Manicure (30-35 min) $35

Your senses will relax with therapeutic lavender scrub and mask. Plus a paraffin wax soaking will be your perfect sensation treatment. Finally relax and enjoy our heavenly massage followed by the nail polish of your choice.

Fresh Cucumber Therapy Manicure (30-35 min) $35

Cucumber is well known as a natural cooling agent. With fresh cucumber slough and oatmeal that softens rough area at the heels and ball of your hands. Feel refreshed in the calming and soothing effects of the natural slices of cucumber combined with our cucumber sea salt scrub on your hands. Transcend to ultimate cooling with a rich cucumber mask wrapped in steaming towels. Finally relax and enjoy our Heavenly Massages followed by the nail polish of your choice.

Hawaii Tropical Manicure (30-35 min) $35

Rest your senses while your hands soften in a bath of soak and slices of lime. Your hands will then get treated to deeper exfoliation with rich pineapple sea salt scrub followed by an exfoliating mask wrapped in steam towels and paraffin treatment. Lastly, they will get massaged with light butter oil along with a deep moisturizing benefit of a soothing tropical lotion before applying a desired nail polish color of your choice for a refreshed finish.

Sweet Almond Oil Manicure (40 min) $40

Our most luxurious treatment manicure! Luxurious salt scrub to deeply exfoliate and escape even your own sense, a silky mask that deeply conditions and refines your skin, leaving it with healthy, smooth and moisturizing glow and light almond fragrance, contains a whipped blend of Jojoba oil and vitamin E. This combines wrapped in steaming towels and a warm inviting lotion massage to bring you an ultimate exhale. Lastly, extended massage combined with paraffin treatment.

Heavenly Unique Manicure (40 min) $40

This manicure is just like its names, a high quality product that will pamper you. It’s relaxing, soothing and longest vitamins hydrating butter massage. Your choice of Jasmine Green Tea, Milk & Honey, Raw Earth, Bliss chocolate, or Pomegranate Fig Pedicure, combined with paraffin mask, wrapped in steaming hot towel and massage with Hot Lava stones. Finally relax and enjoy our Heavenly Massage.

Just for Kids

Treat your angel to one of our friendly spa treatments. They’ll love it! Ages 4-10 years.

Kid’s pedicure   $20
Kid’s manicure   $15
Kid’s polish change: Toes $10
  Hands $8

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