San Antonio Spa and Salon

Artificial Nail Enhancements

Our spa uses non-MMA products, OPI and CND (Solar), which are less harsh to the natural nail.

Full Sets

FS White or Pearl tips $35
FS sculptured with form $40
FS w/Powder color $45
FS Pink & White $45
FS Dipping Powder $45
FS Powder Color Tips $50
FS CND Hard gel $45
+ Polish Shellac $60
FS for Toenails $40


Fill Pink or Clear Pink $25
Fill Same Color Powder $30
Fill Change Color Powder $35
Fill Pink & White $35
Fill Powder Color Tips $40
Fill CND Hard Gel $35
+ Polish Shellac $50
Fill for Toenails $30

Add On

Stilletto Nail/Ducktip or Long Nail $10 extra
Polish with Gel/Shellac $ 15 extra
Nail Design $3+
3D, crystal or charm $6+
Finger Nail repair $3+
Toenail repair $5
Nail removal $10
With full set/shellac manicure $5
With manicure with reg. polish $7
Polish change (including nails trimmed & shaped)
Hand $12
With French $15
Toes $15
With French $18


Contact our San Antonio Salon and Spa today to make an appointment for the manicure of your choice with a professional nail technician at 210 691 8885